“Fun Fishing Tours YEAR ROUND” and Travel Deals

Guided Fishing Charter Packages

Team Handyman’s “The Master Angler” offers Fun Fishing Tours to suit every taste.

As the premier providers of “Fun Fishing Tours”, the goal is to provide the very best in recreational outdoor activity for both seasoned and brand new anglers and fishers.

Quality control standards are high. Staff and volunteers are trained to be helpful and informative.

The ultimate goal is always to deliver the best outdoor fun one can have. Your satisfaction is of extreme importance.

Your Choice of Tour Packages  ( Gift Certs Available)

  • Chartered Services (Recreational Fun Fishing Tours)
  • Ice Fishing (ice shelters if needed,one,two &threeman)
  • Fishing By Boat
  • Walk and Wade/Shore
  • Customize and build a fishing excursion/just ask
  • Camping/mostly seasonal/spring,summer
  • Fly fishing/Spincasting (pike, walleye, trout)seasonal

Your Choice of Fish

  • Walleye
  • Pike
  • Rainbow Trout,Bull Trout
  • Goldeye
  • Sauger
  • Burbot
  • Mountian Whitefish(Rocky)

And many more. Name your favorite

Let Andy customize a package to fit your needs!  Extreme Sportfishing, Extreme Excitement and Extreme Fun are Andy’s specialties.  He says “let’s go and catch some fish on one of our many Fun Fishing Packages and uses quality gear and tackle.”

One Day Trips

  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Valentine’s Day
  • New Year’s Day

Seasonal Packages

  • Christmas Break
  • Easter Break
  • Summer Tours
  • Winter Tours
  • Autumn Leaves

Custom Packages

  • Year Round Travel Deals
  • Will try to Customize To Fit
  • Recreational Sport Fishing tours

Waters we Fish (Southern Alberta & Area)

  • Pine coulee Res.,Clear Lake,Twin Valley Res.
  • Travers Dam,Little Bow Lake, Mcgregor Lake
  • Kehoe Lake, Badger Lake and Crawling Valley Res.
  • Highwood River,Sheep and  Bow Rivers
  • Many waterways from rivers,streams and lakes of Southern Alberta

To book any of these custom packages please use our email form or contact us by phone at 1-403-646-2500. To view our prices please browse our Pricing link.

If you would like to view our available dates please check out our calendar.

*book now for your fun fishing tour with The Master Angler*

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