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 “Adventure of a lifetime”,  Come fish with The Master Angler Fishing Guide for the experience and enjoy your freedom for a day or two. OUR theme is “GET KIDS HOOKED ON FISHING”.

Andy Vander Ploeg “The Master Angler”

A trophy sized walleyeExperience all the tricks of a champion fishing guide and be entertained in the process. You will learn why “understanding the species” is the key to success and the ultimate enjoyment of sport fishing in Alberta.

Andy will share the lifelong love of the sport that lead to his lofty status in guided fishing history to date.A nice Alberta Northern Pike

He will add to that his choice of the best and most beautiful locations in Alberta. You will be awe-struck by the scenery and the abundance of freshwater sport fish to be caught.

Whatever your passion, whatever your season, Andy will provide the ultimate guided fun fishing tour experience. Choose fishing by boat, shore fishing or on the ice, your memories will last a lifetime, one can challenge themselves and take my Basic of Fishing all the W’s and how,as enhanceing ones knowledge.

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Top Awards

  • Canadian Ford Angler of the year Championship 2001, 2002, 2003
  • 2005 Yamaha Angler of the Year Champion
  • Canadian top 10 since 1997
  • North American (NAFC) top 25 since 1997 North America Leader (Number of Fish Caught): Bull Trout
  • Canadian Live Release Record Holder (Caught and released on the Highwood River Alberta): Rocky Mountain Whitefish
  • Alberta Live Release Record Holder: Burbot
  • Life Member of North American Fishing Club

Andy’s full roster of awards is too lengthy to list here. For a more detailed look by category visit Canadian Sport fishing.

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