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Flood 2013/Surviving and staying Afloat

GetAttachment Hello to all my clients out there! Yes I am still alive and now living in my garage while awaiting a response on my home. As you see here a photo of me doing my part on June 20/2013 flood out saving lives and helping for many hours that day out in the S.S minnow my 12 foot aluminum. Yes I am still here in business and still out fishing regardless of past flooding.  In most cases the fishing has been real good on the lakes that I take care of.  Even later this past fall the Rocky run was ok on the Highwood River as it was totally flooded out earlier past spring.  I am still here and ready to get out and fish, I am booking up for ice fishing tours and still open for business. I hope to see and hear from you all as fishing is still in session.  Have a great holiday season and a great New year out to all.  Thanks for stopping by…..