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Fishing reports from the master angler on various bodies of water that he guides on or fishes regularly.

TMA Lures Presents the RigN Spin

A big thank you goes out to those that have purchased my lure the RigN Spin…this lure is catching fish every where…and game fish of all kinds…follow my facebook pages and see many fish and many testimonials coming in… from salmon in B.C to smallmouth bass in the east…lots and many fish are being caught on my lure…I developed this lure to do and achieve many things, mostly to be fished at any speed and at any depth from shore or by boat cast or trolled, what ever ones mind can come up with my lure will do its job that it was designed to do… catch game fish of all kinds. This lure has many applications and varies from the fish catcher which is a smaller bladed rig with small to medium single hooks, the smasher is a medium sized blade with medium to a bigger hook, the destroyer is bigger blade and larger hook for those bigger fish…all in all my lures have delivered day after day, this lure has great potential to be used the world over enhancing every fisherman that enjoys and recreates in the great outdoors passion of sport fishing. One could only hope that a lure such as this could only catch in certain circumstances, but it does and it can catch a wide variety of many species of fish. Over the years in those days of field testing tried and true that I became more intrigued with its ability to catch fish in many diverse applications and at any depth and slower the better. I have many proto types from ultra light for finnacky trout and perch to medium flouro carbon tough to heavy duty seven strand wire for pike and walleye, now my even tougher line of lures now can be made with titanium all specie lure, the titanium is more expensive but is more durable and does not kink up after a few fish. These lures are for sale either here on line or Nanton Gas Plus or Flys Etc. High River and you can even look me up and I can meet with you and/or sell direct and I can custom make them for you. the master angler rign spin fishing lurethe master angler guide service rign spin fishing lurethe master angler guide service six pack rign spin fishing lurescustom hand made lures by Andy The Master Angler. My light weight floro carbons and seven strand wire ones starting from $6.50 per unit and the Titaniums are $10.00 and up… stop by and see for your self as I have many vids and photos of fish caught on my lures…

TMA LURES (The Master Angler) RigN Spin

Rig N Spin Press Release

pikeA big hello goes out to all that enjoy fishing as much as I do.

Over the years one gains invaluable knowledge in regards to time spent sport fishing and in the great outdoors. In that time for me since that early age of five years old my dad took us out fishing to Macgregor Lake. Continue reading TMA LURES (The Master Angler) RigN Spin