Fun Fishing Season 2015/2016

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100_5283Yes this year from early ice to ice off… the ice come on early in November month end to ice coming off by March 6/16.Now ice fishing was slow overall this year and the ice didn’t seem to get thicker than 17 inches into late January by mid February the ice was now showing signs of getting rotten into coming off into early March. I was using long Rods and bobber fishing from March 6 to close on Clear and Twin, then focused on Chain lakes into April fishing the Rainbow Trout until season opener May 8/16. Over all I have kept busy in between work schedule and my sport fishing job, Construction has been slow this year so I have been fishing lots, more days than I can count , but it is all good. Just getting in my updates for sport fishing the south and catching and releasing lots of fish, nothing to big but good fun over all. Lets get out fishing more when able and Don’t for get I have my fun fishing tours year round and yes I do work at a Trade for many years now but sport fishing is a good hobby job that helps pay the bills. For now sharp hooks and tight lines.


About masterangler

I fish to live and live to fish,its better to teach a man to fish and feed him for life than to give him a fish only to feed him for the day,I fish hard play hard,life is way to short.

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