Just Breathe

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Ok pike

Hello goes out to all my clients this past few days while out ice fishing on one of my many two for one ice fishing excursions. This past few weeks have seen us visit pike, walleye, burbot and even rainbow trout. I have had the privilege to get out with people that enjoy the great outdoors as I do. Some may not like the colder temps however, getting away from the wind in a heated shelter takes the bite off from winter and allows one to sit in comfort while concentrating on the ice rods as they get bites.  Another great thing is knowing where to drill the holes to set up the shelters, getting the baits down and enticing the fish once settled in. The day can go by quickly as many bites and fish caught have happened. The time out in the cold winter air is more enjoyable for the fun has been had with good times and the company you keep.  It has been a pleasure serving you and yours!  Thanks for the opportunities, thanks for the fun.  I have been getting great feed back from every customer that they have had fun.  A great experience, awesome scenery and great service offered in this spectrum of basic ice fishing along with reasonable rates allows for a great time had by all.  It is our hope that you will come out again and use our services.  Well everybody, glad you have all enjoyed yourselves and please do come again. Have a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year and thanks again for your support.  Oh ya, remember “DON’T  FORGET TO BREATHE”!


About masterangler

I fish to live and live to fish,its better to teach a man to fish and feed him for life than to give him a fish only to feed him for the day,I fish hard play hard,life is way to short.

2 thoughts on “Just Breathe

  1. “I took my 6 kids ice fishing with Andy and his team and the kids had a great day on the ice! He did a great job ensuring we understood what to do, how to use the gear and catch fish. His knowledge was good, his gear was ready to go and he ensured we were safe, comfortable and having fun. Most of all, he put us on fish. We had a great day and caught enough fish to have a meal. We would use Andy again!”

    Voglewede Family at home with their catch Voglewede Family and their Cooked Catch
    Voglewede Family members with their catch on the ice Voglewede Family member with her catch of burbot

    Hope this helps and business and fishing has been good!

    Chris Voglewede and the six kids: Sarah, Matt, Charles, Anna, Patrick, and Amelia.

    I didn’t see a way to upload our testimonial and pictures on your web site or add to the blog. So I am going to send it to you to post if you would like.

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