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100_5891Hello everybody it is Andy Vander Ploeg “The Master Angler”. Its been awhile since my last post.

I have been staying busy working on field testing my lure (patent pending) at this point in time.

I have spent over twenty years in development and refinement in a complete lure that is multi use, multi functional, weed less to a point where the lure is in the strike zone longer and out of the water less.

pikeI wanted a lure that could be fished at any speed and any depth, I wanted a lure that is more resistant and one that can glide through the weeds better, I wanted a lure that can be fished from any where at any place either from boat, from shore/dock or even through the ice.

My lure invention can and will enhance every ones sport fishing so that they will have more and greater fishing success. Yes I have created that lure, it has a name and for now I will keep that secure until my full patent is done and or a company be it manufacturing/license opportunity.

100_5917I will keep field testing and refining it, it catches fish like nothing else because it really works and the politics of trying to get it to market is a uphill battle and every body wants a piece of something they have not yet worked for. I will continue on until such day comes to introduce to all you outdoorsmen to have and to enhance your sport fishing opportunities as it and when it happens, until then sharp hooks and tight lines.

Oh yes I have caught some of the biggest fish of my career using my lure.


About masterangler

I fish to live and live to fish,its better to teach a man to fish and feed him for life than to give him a fish only to feed him for the day,I fish hard play hard,life is way to short.

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