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bumper-sticker-andy-2 Hello every body… Andy The Master Angler here….Well another season has gone by using my lure and it catches fish through spring into fall when the weeds are tough to fish.

The Master Angler lure really shines. This lure can be fished at any speed and at any depth from a boat, from shore or dock, it can be rigged, cranked and jigged through the weeds and into open water.

This lure can catch multiple species. This lure can be fished many ways, for example when plastics are added it enhances the action of the lure making it weed less as well. For more info about The Master Angler Lure see my Press release attached here… looking for license/manufacturing/distribution opportunity …. Rig N Spin

Here are some nice fish caught and released on The Master Angler Lure………

Giant Hog Walleye
Giant Hog Walleye

…this could be you using The Master Angler lure….


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I fish to live and live to fish,its better to teach a man to fish and feed him for life than to give him a fish only to feed him for the day,I fish hard play hard,life is way to short.

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