Regulation Changes

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alberta norther pikeYes another season of closed species on most of Southern Alberta waterways. Last year it was Walleye closure on Travers Dam due to over harvest fishing pressure. For 2015 most lakes are now zero pike limits as well, goes to show that over harvesting on most lakes is devastating our fish populations. Meaning that things are now leaning towards more recreational sport fishing activities. Now every thing will shift to those lakes that are still in effect selective harvest and will in turn be over pressured. Check the regulations carefully when picking your catch and keep harvest type lakes if there are any left in the near future. For me I can adjust as I practice catch and release type sport fishing on a daily basis in hopes of less fisherman on those once crowded lakes of over harvest in days now gone by. In retrospect one has to adjust their hobby and practice catch and release and focus more on conservation and care for our water ways. winter pike fishing in alberta canada with the master anglerWe as fisherman are to blame as we all over time, have taken our share from the resource and now over that time are seeing the results of that over harvest and fishing pressure as  whole across the province. Now we see dramatic changes in the regulations to help these collapsed fisheries. Again check the regulations for each water body and yes keep practicing catch and release for our future generations to come. Sharp hooks and tight lines.


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