Southern Alberta Sport Fishing

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Master Angler with a nice fall walleyeHello everybody it is Andy “The Master Angler” here with some summer updates for  2015 on the waterways of southern Alberta around the Nanton/Stavely area.

I have fished all over from shore and by boat and mostly on Clear lake, Twin Valley Dam, Pine coulee, Macgregor Lake, kehoe and Little Bow Lake and canal.
As we all know the regulations have changed dramatically on most lakes and reservoirs in regards to keeping pike and walleye especially pike this year.

Due to those changes anglers are now shifting their efforts on waters where regulations allow for retention of your catch, for me it does not matter for the most part, as I practice catch and release and do selective harvest where I am allowed when I want a dinner fish.
I am seeing more pressure on those fisheries that are still some what healthy but yet are at risk of collapse and over harvest.  At Little Bow Lake I was even Harassed by some anglers that I have seen in the past few visits there, as I was doing my recon and species research. I was practicing my catch and release as usual and was told to go to the other side of the lake because I was throwing back good sized walleyes in the canal to lake mouth on that lake.

I do care about our resources, but do my selective harvest when and where regulations allow me to do so.

Kehoe, Twin Valley and Clear have been fishing really good from season opener until July , once the heat of summer and heavy weeds then pike fishing got more challenging.

Macgregor and Pine Coulee are fishing really good all season with walleye on the feed as they graze like cattle and once found you can’t keep them off the hook.

Perch fishing on Little Bow lake and Macgregor has been good to fair with perch up to the ten inch range with a good mix of age and sizes along with good numbers once located.

This summer I have been busy with lots of tours as well as my trade work schedule but still managed over 100 days on the water easily this summer season guiding guests from all over the globe as here on southern Alberta waterways that we do have some great sport fishing opportunities yet available even considering the scorching hot summer we have had as most rivers were shut down but the lakes were not.

That gives me opportunity to guide those that choose to get out on some of my sport fishing adventures and to enjoy the great outdoors as I do each and every day.

Glad every one could get out with me this summer, for those that still are wondering if to even consider sport fishing please do just drop me a line or call and I will customize your trip to fit, hopefully even those first time fishers as you don’t need to be a pro to catch fish.

Maybe later then… Sharp hooks and tight lines…


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I fish to live and live to fish,its better to teach a man to fish and feed him for life than to give him a fish only to feed him for the day,I fish hard play hard,life is way to short.

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