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Southern Alberta Sport Fishing

Master Angler with a nice fall walleyeHello everybody it is Andy “The Master Angler” here with some summer updates for  2015 on the waterways of southern Alberta around the Nanton/Stavely area.

I have fished all over from shore and by boat and mostly on Clear lake, Twin Valley Dam, Pine coulee, Macgregor Lake, kehoe and Little Bow Lake and canal.
As we all know the regulations have changed dramatically on most lakes and reservoirs in regards to keeping pike and walleye especially pike this year.

Due to those changes anglers are now shifting their efforts on waters where regulations allow for retention of your catch, for me it does not matter for the most part, as I practice catch and release and do selective harvest where I am allowed when I want a dinner fish. Continue reading Southern Alberta Sport Fishing

The Fall Bite

Nice walleye caught one my custom rig,at Mcgregor Lake Ab.

Summer has transitioned into fall and from now until mid December the fish every where are going to put on the feed bag and they will be hungry before winter approaches. Walleye, Pike, Lake whitefish, Rocky mountain Whites, Bull trout and so on will be getting more active as temps begin to drop.  As the days get shorter and temps fall the fish know and start putting on the feed, eating anything and everything in their path! Yes its time to get ready for the best time of year, the Fall Bite, so lets go fishing!!

Fall Fishing

Rocky Mountain Whitefish

Hi everybody its Andy, The Master Angler, well summer has passed by quickly, Fall is approaching and its almost time for the Rocky Mountain Whitefish run to start. Lets get out and do some fall fishing action, give me a call and I will be happy to take you all out for the fall run on these great fighting fish, from mid Sept. to the last day of river closure the rocky action is hard to beat. Every year I catch some trophy sized fish, not to mention the good sized Bull trout and burbot and even the occasional pike as well. Time is coming so lets get ready for the fall run!!